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Banco de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina


Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

New headquarters of the Banco de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires. The four floors of the prestigious office complex in the Parque Patricios district are covered by a 9,000 m² undulating roof structure.

  • Floors: 4
  • Ground surface: 94 m x 103 m

Architect: Foster + Partners, London

PERI utstyr

  • Dimensionally accurate shaping
  • High fair-faced concrete requirements
  • Short construction period


CRIBA S.A., Buenos Aires

Kundens fordeler

  • Economical due to standardised system components and reduced reserve quantity of the scaffolding substructure
  • Precise shaping and optimum architectural concrete surfaces thanks to a high degree of prefabrication and articulated coupling as a force-locking element connection
Juan Manuel Denotta, Project Manager, Banco Ciudad
Juan Manuel Denotta
Project Manager

With only two PERI Table Striking and Transportation Trolleys, the up to 24 m² and 2 ton tables were easy on the PERI UP Rosett move platforms - an excellent solution for our project.

PERIs løsninger

  • Tailor-made formwork and scaffolding concept with movable slab tables on intermediate platform
  • True to size and mounted using Holzknaggen VARIOKIT units prefabricated elements table with MULTIPROPs shoring towers to large-sized, up to 24 m² large slab tables
  • Moving by hand with lift and travel device in 13 m and 16 m height
  • Production in six concrete sections with 16 m stroke length
  • Gradual remodeling of the scaffold sub-structure for each of the next section