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Deer crossing bridge Zehun, Czech Republic


Location: Zehun, Tsjekkia

  • green bridge over the D11 motorway as 10 m high arch, 36 m wide and 75 m long

PERI utstyr

  • tight construction time schedule
  • pouring with the alternating sequential method in concreting sections of 10 m


PSVS, Prague

Kundens fordeler

  • adherence to required construction time through material provision for the complete length
  • time advantages due to detailed implementation planning and simple erection
Milan Jerábek, Construction Manager
Milan Jerábek
Construction Manager

The extremely tight construction time made it necessary to provide the whole formwork in total. PERI offered us a comprehensive solution with the GRV articulated waler formwork, PERI UP Rosett and MULTIPROP. We were able to erect the falsework in a very short time thanks to the PERI supervisor. It was absolutely right to decide in favour of PERI.

PERIs løsninger

  • falsework and formwork adjusted to one another
  • short-term delivery and provision of complete formwork material
  • detailed implementation planning
  • PERI supervisor
  • falsework with PERI UP Rosett

PERI utstyr brukt i prosjektet