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Restaurante Florante Submarino, Spain


Location: Valencia, Spania

Underwater restaurant in the “Parque Oceanográfico“ for 500 visitors, with an extraordinary roof design from eight symmetrical, hyperbola-form paraboloids.

Architect: Felix Candéla

PERI utstyr

Fabrication of the 2,100 m² large reinforced steel bowl with different slab thicknesses from 8 cm to 80 cm.


UTE Parque Oceanografico

Kundens fordeler

  • reliable load transfer
  • high load-bearing capacity of the ledger connections minimises the number of required diagonal braces

PERIs løsninger

  • formwork and scaffolding concept with PERI UP Rosett
  • three-dimensional space framework up to a height of 13.70 m
  • extension splices for aligned, bending-resistant coupling of the GT 24 formwork girder

PERI utstyr brukt i prosjektet