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Hotel Mélia, La Défense, France


Location: Paris, Frankrike

New construction of a hotel with 5 basement levels and 20 upper storeys

Total height: 87 m
Construction time: January 2013 to the end of 2014

Architect: Claude Vasconi

PERI utstyr

Self-climbing formwork for complex geometries and a wide range of loads
- assembly support for the precast parapets
- for accommodating loads from steel formwork provided by the contractor
- circumferential climbing protection panel for complete, closed enclosure

Integration of a landing platform for the transport of materials


Bateg / CBC, Velizy - Villacoublay, France

Kundens fordeler

  • Crane-independent climbing solution
  • Simple assembly of the precast parapets with protection provided by the enclosure
  • High level of safety for site personnel as well as around the construction site
Hotel Mélia, Paris: Jean-Francois Delmas, Senior Construction Manager
Jean-Francois Delmas
Senior Construction Manager

The Hotel Meliá itself is a real technical challenge whilst the site surroundings also provide severe restrictions. The PERI climbing formwork solution, based on the RCS system, fully meets our requirements - both in terms of safety as well as use.

PERIs løsninger

  • Project-specific solution with RCS system components
  • Four different protection panel concepts, e.g. with special slab shoes or an FTF solution as assembly support for the precast parapets