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Record-breaking bridge successfully completed with PERI systems

1. aug. 2019

New Pumarejo Bridge, Barranquilla/Atlántico, Colombia

The new cable-stayed bridge over the Rio Magdalena is 2.3 km long and, upon completion, will be the longest road bridge in Colombia. PERI engineers supported the challenging construction project by providing a customised formwork and scaffolding solution that has been designed for realising the simultaneous construction of the pylons, bridge piers along with the superstructure. The versatility of the formwork and scaffolding systems as well as the combination possibility with the VARIOKIT Engineering Construction Kit facilitated shortened assembly times also when dealing with complex geometries.

The new Pumarejo Bridge will provide a comprehensive solution for crossing the River Magdalena in Barranquilla. With a central span of 380 m and a 38 m wide superstructure, which is supported by two 80 m high pylons, it is one of the largest bridges in Latin America and is considered one of the most representative structures in the country.

The six lanes, two cycle paths and one pedestrian path along the side of the bridge respectively enhance the overall level of safety of this extremely busy road. The larger lane width of 4.50 m also improves both comfort and safety for heavy vehicles in oncoming traffic. Compared to the old bridge with a clearance height of only 16 m, the larger overhead clearance of 35 m will allow the river to be navigated by even larger vessels in future. This will not only increase the port capacity for trade but also improve the competitiveness of the country´s economy because freighters of the Handysize category, e.g. bulk carriers and tankers with a capacity of 15,000 t to 35,000 t, can then also reach the inland ports in the metropolitan area of Barranquilla via the River Magdalena.

Cost-effective formwork solution for pylons and bridge superstructure

For this large project, two preliminary works carried out simultaneously was required. On the one hand, realisation of the piles including the cantilevered parapets while, on the other, the construction of the superstructure with the help of an approx. 23,000 m³ shoring structure.

For forming the up to 35 m high bridge piers as well as the two 80 m high pylons, CB 240 Climbing Platforms together with TRIO Wall Formwork created crane-climbed moving units. Due to the large size of the units, only a minimum of crane picks were required for the 5 m high concreting cycles. In the area of pier heads, VARIOKIT trusses served to provide a reliable supporting construction for the working platform.

The almost 990 m long approach roads of the bridge as well as the box girder cross-section of the bridge superstructure were realised with the help of a geometrically adapted superstructure formwork based on the VARIOKIT Engineering Construction Kit. Ideally matching the requirements, PERI UP Flex Shoring Towers and ST 100 Stacking Towers in the bridge edge areas formed high load-bearing support structures with heights of between 5 m and 22 m. In addition, PERI UP provided stair access in order to safely reach the higher positioned working levels.

Easy handling and jobsite support

On the jobsite itself, a PERI supervisor provided the construction team with on-going assistance in order to ensure that the PERI system equipment was used efficiently from the outset. The on-site project support allowed the contractor to comfortably realise the project in spite of all of its complexities and within the short construction schedule.